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Our Clearance Services

As discussed on previous pages Saunders and Son grew out of a landscaping and garden based business. Although the nature of the business has changed a little garden clearance is still a huge part of the current workload. Please view our extensive gallery where many jobs can be seen where gardens inundated with waste and rubbish have been successfully cleared, leaving a far nicer and enjoyable space.

Aside from garden clearances Stephen is instructed almost daily to clear other areas where waste is allowed to accumulate. Primary amongst these are garages and sheds. It's so easy to let waste build up in these areas so that in the end the doors will barely close! Successful clearance of garages and sheds is one of the main tasks Saunders and Son are asked to complete.

Before and After Rubbish Clearance

Before and After Large Rubbish Clearance

Other householders are lucky enough to have storage space in a loft area, which again though can fill up very quickly with unwanted items. Saunders and Son can take the burden of clearing this for a very fair price.

Whether you are moving house and need these areas cleared or you just want to live in a clutter free environment you can count on Saunders and Son to do a very trustworthy, professional job every time.